The romance site guaranteed to help you be more romantic. is based on the fictional Inspiration Point in the old Happy Days television series. Richie, the “Fonz” and all the other kids are fighting to save their favorite makeout spot from the threat of a new highway off-ramp that is planned. Richie’s dad Howard is for the plan and the increased traffic it will bring to the street where his business is. At the final planning meeting Richie calls his dad to the stand and Howard tells how before they bought the house, he and Marion drove up to Inspiration Point to discuss love, romance, and their future together.

Howard realizes that there are things more dear to him than a freeway off-ramp.

If you’re looking for a place that will provide you with inspiration for sharing your love with your spouse or significant other we have lots or resources for you. You will find suggestions from our favorite romantic movies, music, and poetry along with the opportunity to share your suggestions. You will find some of our best creative ideas to tell your mate you love them. And we want your stories too! So it’s the best we’ve got and the best you’ve got to create a really cool virtual Inspiration Point.


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